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The accessories inside your car wear and tear over time as a result of continued use – especially in rugged terrain countries like Uganda. At SenMan Auto Parts, we stock both interior and exterior accessories to ensure that you get your pick.

Stained carpets are not a pleasant sight, the seats may be worn out and look old, the dashboard might appear messy, and your whole car’s interior might seem dull.

We have a wide variety of car accessories that will enhance your vehicle’s look to simulate a new look. Amazingly, we are not limited to any vehicle models; so, you can always find the accessory you are looking for.

Furthermore, we stock quality brands that will improve the overall appearance of your vehicle’s interior.

Some of the accessories available in our store include seat covers, car mats, tax disc holders, stickers, air fresheners, led bulbs, tailor-made mats, seat belt pads and seat covers that are either light or heavy duty.

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