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Auto Car Lubricants and Engine Oil Fluids in Kampala Uganda - High Quality Genuine

Engine oil is crucial in an enhanced lifespan of a car. It lubricates your car’s engine thereby boosting its performance, and you can use oil efficiently to prolong its lifetime.

As time goes by the engine oil becomes dirty, and its efficiency level goes down which can easily damage your engine. As such, it is essential to ensure your car has sufficient and high-quality engine oil at all time. The type of oil you use on your vehicle will have an impact on your engine.

Delo Oil and Lubricants Supplier in Kampala - Uganda - SenMan Auto Parts

SenMan Auto Parts and Spares sources its engine oil from some accredited manufacturers who are reputable, and its quality will ensure that your engine performs efficiently. Other types of fluids available in our Auto Spares Store include the Transmission oils, fuel system cleaner, jack oils and brake fluid among others.

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Seal Auto Lubricants has been supplying lubricants and greases to Kampala car owners since 2015. We provide a full range of trusted  and genuine Total, Shell, Delo, Quartz 6200, 6000 and Line Lube products.

Shell genuine lubricants kampala uganda - seal auto parts
Genuine Shell Lubricants

With our expert knowledge and extensive experience, we are able to supply various industries including; Automotive, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Transport, Agricultural, Marine, Renewable Energy and Food & Drink.

Our range of lubricants and greases include:

  • Engine oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Transmission/Gear oil

Need some advice on what oil you require?

Total Lubricants supplier Kampala Uganda - SenMan Auto Parts
Genuine Total Lubricants

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